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Unique Baby Names

These days more and more parents are thinking of using a unique name and labelling their child with this. Remember that in most cases a name is for life, not just for birth, and therefore you need to think long and hard about it.

The problem is that many names seem like a novelty and clever at the time, but ten years down the line will you still like the name? Remember that pressures and peer pressure at school these days are more extreme than ever, so don't choose a name that could lead to bullying or teasing of the child as this could lead to them being annoyed and resentful with you, as well as making school life unpleasant.

Pros of unique names

The good thing is that the child will be less forgettable and their name will surely stand out in school and in general through life - someone with an unusual name we are often more likely to remember. However remember to offset against the fact that they will have to tell every person they meet how they got their name in response to the question 'that's a strange name - why did your parents pick that?' which many get boring.

Another pro is that it can be quite personal to you - for instance if you choose the name of the place where you conceive as in Brooklyn Beckham however you might want to keep such details personal.

So that's a round up of the pros and cons of unique names - whether you choose to take one or not, well that's a unique decision for you! Just remember if you pick a unique name for one child then have more it can seem a little odd that they do not all have unusual names which can lead to some sibling friction later in life, so try to be consistent - one unusual name begets another!

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