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Bible Names

Whilst there are countless ways of picking a name, many people like the traditional.

And that's where Biblical names can come and give inspiration. Another good thing about Biblical names is that they normally have well-defined meanings often relating to God and religion or moral virtues and so forth - therefore these can make a good way to pick a name by seeing what they mean and picking one that you like.

So where can you find a list of Bible names? Well one method that many soon-to-be parents like is simply to dip in and out of the Bible at random. So just open the book at a random page and read down. You are sure to find several names on the majority of pages. See if any of these stick with you, and then if so look up what they mean.

There are many sources of lists of names from A - Z online if you wish to use these, and often these come together with meanings. Therefore there is little point reproducing a list here when so many good resources exist.

For a simple list of the names from A - Z in the Bible, together with their respective meanings, then have a look at this list of biblical names on Wikipedia

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