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Inspiration for Names

Finding it hard to get a baby name? You're not the only one! Research suggests we spend several days solid thinking time trying to come up with a name for junior. So what sources of inspiration can we draw upon?

Our daily lives

The easiest source is the world around us - seen a name in a paper or magazine or have a colleague at work with a name you really like? Consider it.

Family History

Any names you really like from the past in your genealogical tree? Then consider this for sure!

Go Quirky!

Consider being quirky and plucking something out of thin air. Come up with your own name.

Try the Calculator

Use our fun tool to try a baby name based on your name (warning : not a highly scientific method) but might just come up with a name that you really like, which would be a bonus!

Deep and Meaningful

Start reading books on the names of babies and see which one you think would fit a child of yours, or perhaps does fit if the child is born, and then you will have the perfect name for the child's personality.

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