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Choose a Baby Name

Choosing a baby name is a particularly difficult thing - rare indeed is the situation where you just both agree on the name for your baby, so there is usually a lot to consider.

Coupled with the fact that parents often change their mind when the baby is born or when it is a boy not a girl as expected and so forth, there is a lot to consider.

So what should you think about taking in to account when it comes to naming your baby? Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

First, you should make a list of preferred names independently of your partner and rank them, then and only then combine them so you can't influence each other.

If there is nothing you can instantly agree on just from the names you historically have thought that you liked, then try the following:

Family History

Is there any historical name in the family that you like or would like to go back to? Many families have certain names cropping up each generation so if you are into tradition consider this.

Consider Popular Names

Look at the list of popular names on this site and at the names in general and see what you think would fit well.

Baby name meanings

Also consider the meanings of names. Particularly when the baby is born if you have not chosen a name think about its personality and then see if you can think of a name from the listings that might fit with its personalities - there are many ways to find out the meaning of a baby name online.

Choose a unique name

If you want something very personalised then come up with your name based on whatever - maybe even the journey to the hospital to give birth you saw a rainbow and have decided that the name must be 'Rainbow' or similar!

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