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Ideas for Baby Names

Here are some places you can get ideas for baby names from:

Film Stars

For some reason lots of actors and movie stars have unusual names - often because they have changed them to be memorable of course. But if you see a name you like why not borrow it for when your own little movie star child comes along?

Written Works

If you read books then why not choose a name or two you like from books you have come across? Again these can be a great source of names and often unusual ones so you are sure to find something you like the more you read.


Maybe there is a country you feel a particular affinity with - you could pick that name. Some people are named America or you could choose your own preferred country - maybe naming a kid Great Britain is a bit cruel though!

Myths and Legends

All sorts of weird and wonderful creatures have been named over time. Perhaps the name Unicorn doesn't fill you with wonder, but some other names are quite cool - how about having a child called Zeus for instance, sounds pretty powerful doesn't it?

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