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Picking a Middle Name

Whilst we all naturally pay attention to the first name, how about the middle name? You can decide of course not to have one but it is nice to have a middle name and answers the question at school when you are asked it if nothing else and helps to identify you apart from other people with the same name!

If you are wrestling between two names for the first name, then one obvious answer is to pick one as the first name and the second as a middle name.

Another consideration is that many people will pick a middle name that has relevance for the family - for instance a name that has run in the family in the last few generations - so certainly this is something to consider too.

Say the words out loud with middle names When picking a middle name remember it has to complement the others - therefore try saying the entire name out aloud and see if it feels right - if it doesn't you will be able to tell from the sound straight away.

Remember the Initials

Sometimes the perfect combination will add up to unfortunate combination of initials... whilst you have your heart set on Samuel Oliver Dench for your baby, do you want him to be known as a little SOD for the rest of his life?

So be careful with those initials, of course if they make up a good word then that's an added bonus!

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